(orbison/dees)She was the wind, the earth and skyShe was the one who made me laugh and cryShe was cake and she was wineShe was fun and she was mineShe’d lie lie lie to meAnd I’d believe herShe’d cry and cry and cry for meI couldn’t leave herNo one could hurt, no one could flirtAnd no one could smile like she couldShe was misery and sorrowShe was reason for tomorrowThe smile of the cat was on her faceA shepard way she love to run the raceThe style of the fox men embraceTo know her was to love herAnd no one could treat me like she couldShe was just a little girlShe was a woman of the worldShe was all my dreamsShe was many thingsBut she is, she was, she’ll always beA woman
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She Lyrics

Roy Orbison – She Lyrics

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