(orbison/dees)Sadness slips into the roomOn silent steps of sorrowStealing sleep and all my dreamsWhere will we be tomorrow? Lying with you, crying with you, driftingTalking till dawn yet we go on, driftingDon’t understand where we began just drifting apartDrifting apart feeling alone drifting awayWe can’t seem to work it outDrifting from day to dayWasn’t it all about, drifting awayDrifting away, drifting awayLosing the feelingAnd now the music of the song is almost goneThat we used to playFrom sweet surrender from drifting away, driftingTwo lovers lost two rivers crossed, driftingTwo bridges burned, no lesson learned, driftingLonely together, hurting each otherStill we can’t say that it’s overCan we bring back yesterday? Will we be forever, forever drifting awayDrifting, drifting away
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Drifting Away Lyrics

Roy Orbison – Drifting Away Lyrics

Songwriters: Orbison, Roy/ Dees, Bill
Drifting Away lyrics © Barbara Orbison Music Company, Roy Orbison Music Company, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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