Before I die iÒ‘ll write this letter
Here are the secrets you must know
Until the cloak of evening shadow
Changes to mantle of the dawn
Will it be sunny then I wonder?
Rolling and turning
How can I sleep?
Hold on till morning
What if I fall?
Over the hills and down the valleys
Soaring aloft and far below
Lying on stony ground the fragments
Truth is the seed we tried to sow
Marking the time spent on our journey
There isnÒ‘t much we have to show
Counting the cost in money only
Strikes me as funny donÒ‘t you know?
Tongue tied the thread of conversation
Weighing the words one tries to use
Nevertheless communication
This is the gift you must not lose
Hauling me always are the voices
Tell us are you ready now?
Sometimes I wonder if theyÒ‘re real
We're ready to receive you now
Or is it my own imagination?
Have you any more to say?
Guilt is a wound thatÒ‘s hard to heal
ItÒ‘s a cross you have to bear
Could it be evil thoughts become me
Tell us what youÒ‘re thinking now
Some things are better left unsaid
Magical moment
The spell it is breaking
There is no light here
Is there no key?
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Strictly Confidential Lyrics

Roxy Music – Strictly Confidential Lyrics

Songwriters: FERRY, BRYAN
Strictly Confidential lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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