She's like a sweater, old and used
Tossed and over worn too many times through
And she used to look so bright
All her seams were tightly tied
She's like a sweater that's just worn out
Fading, coffee stained, and out of style
And she's just about to run
Before her stitches come undone

She's gonna pack her bags and leave
No more loose, unraveled seams
She is young and she still has her confidence
And it's not too late to tie up those loose ends

She's like a fire in the rain
His words will damp her eyes and heat her veins
And the love she thought she found was just another hand-me-down of ? grace


She's found a refuge for her face
While dividing her unfortune ? ?
Now she stands too high for them to ring her dry
She's found her way

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Loose Ends Lyrics

Rosie Thomas – Loose Ends Lyrics