Well I know that the world seems so full of trouble
There's so much heartache and pain
And I know that there's times that it seems so futile
To ever wanna try again

There are times I know when you're feeling low
You think that you'll never get a break
But if you let yourself be ruled by these downers
You'll be making such a bad mistake

[Chorus: x2]
It's gonna work itself out, it's gonna work itself out
If you're living in doubt, better start to believe
It's gonna work itself out

Well I hear in the news nearly every day
That some new war has begun
And it's so sad thinking that desperate men
Gotta make their way with a gun

And they spray the air with insecticides
Bending mind body and limb
And although it's cruel, we'd all be fools
If we thought we'd have to give in

[Chorus: x2]

Well I know there's no use sittin' around
Cryin' over what's been done
Because there's no solution, and givin' up now
The race can still be won

And with a little hard work and determination
You know that you're gonna pull through
So don't ask for nothin', don't look to no one
The future's all, up to you

[Chorus: x2]

It's gonna work itself, it's gonna work itself
It's gonna work itself out
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It's Gonna Work Itself Out Lyrics

Rose Tattoo – It's Gonna Work Itself Out Lyrics

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