Oh brother please can you help me
Youre in some trouble again
Everyones on your back
Keep slipping through the cracks
Too elevated to care

Youre about to loose it all
You just close your eyes and carry on like there's nothing wrong

Just can't talk about
The things you have to live without
Take your worries away
Just can't help yourself
Its all about you and no one else
Take your halo away

Oh brother why wont you listen
To voices not in your head
Youre being out of line
Stop marching out of time
Trust me not every things fine



I'm only try to get through
Because if I can't help you
How can you help yourself
I throw you against the wall
Try and break your fall

Oh brother you are my best friend
I wanna help you get through
Youve got to understand
Youre building on the sand
I want the best for you

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Halo Lyrics

Rooster – Halo Lyrics