I don't know if I'm worth this....
This life was just a gift to me.
And I don't know if I'll use it right
Or just let all my gifts run free.

If I should doubt my right to breathe
This air that rushes over me

I'll say "I'm in love with you,
So I'll keep breathing
Just so I can do
Everything you need me to.
And I'm a slave for all of your antics.
I'm just a slave I'm such a romantic fool.

I've found
That I'm bound
To regret, forget and screw up everything,
So I need something to show:
You're the girl that makes my day-
When I wake up before noon it is always
To show you that I'm around.

Fool, why can't you see
That we all have a purpose here?
We've all got a purpose here
And I'm not giving up mine
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Living For Love Lyrics

Ronnie Day – Living For Love Lyrics