She made her getaway when he stepped out
She took the kids and drove far from their house
She told them this is our home for now
God bless this cheap hotel

When he'd be sweet to her
They'd talk for hours
Then he'd lay right into her then buy her flowers
Her nerves were shattered
Her dreams as well
God damn this cheap hotel

They say every soul needs searching
But I just don't know where to begin
Give me something to go on

Last night she hit the ground running
But now another day's dawning

She never saw it coming
And now another day's dawning

Behind the curtain, there may be sun
One thing's for certain, thy will be done
On earth as it is done in hell
God bless this cheap hotel
On earth as it is done in hell,
God bless this cheap hotel
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Cheap Hotel Lyrics

Ron Sexsmith – Cheap Hotel Lyrics

Songwriters: SEXSMITH
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