(Beach time, it's beach time)
I was gettin' in beach time
Lyin' on the san
Gettin' in beach time
Workin' on a tan

You were gettin' in beach time
Gazin' at the sea
Then I smiled your way
And you smiled at me

[Verse 3:]
We kissed on the shore
And you said you'd be mine forever more
Then we strolled hand in hand
And we dreamed and we planned

[Verse 4]
Gettin' in beach time
Thinkin' love is grand
Now we're together
Lyin' in the sand

(You were gettin' in beach time)
(Gazin' at the sea)
(Then I smiled your way)
(And you smiled at me)

[Repeat verse 3]

[Repeat verse 4]

(Just gettin' in beach time)
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Beach Time Lyrics

Roger Smith – Beach Time Lyrics

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