(roy hammond)People were standing, all aroundAt a shot gun wedding, here in this townAnd I’m a victim oh yeaOf a shotgun weddingCause your fathers got a gunAnd there ain’t no place to runShotgun wedding and oh listen to meWell I got to find a jobYou, me, baby makes threeShotgun, shotgun, shotgun, wedding oh yeaCause your fathers got a gunAnd there ain’t no place to runShotgun weddingAnd all I could hear that day wasDo you take this womanTo be your lawful wedded wifeMy my my my shotgun, shotgun, shotgun, shotgun weddingI looked aroundI looked aroundAnd all I could see was a shotgun wedding....listenBut I tried to run from townBut her mother tracked me downShe said before I meet my maker,Some mans gonna make an honest woman of my daughterSo it might as well be youOh daddy may be poorBut he owns a forty fortyShotgun weddingAnd oh I’m walking up the aisle right nowHere comes the bride singingShotgun, shotgun, shotgun, shotgun, shotgun.....yea yeaaaaI could of run away oh no I could be living highNobody could stop me now oh shotgun, shotgunJust give me one more chanceLet me hear that bass boys that bass boysBreaking my heartBreaking my heartBreaking my heart........
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Shotgun Wedding Lyrics

Rod Stewart – Shotgun Wedding Lyrics