She's running, she's running,
She can't get away.
She's running away...

She runs into herself every night,
Walking down dim, empty streets.
She's finding more of herself every time,
Always fighting with what she sees...

And she's crying,
And she's hurting.
Somewhere she's dying... inside.

She's running,
She can't get away.
She's needing,
More than the words you say.
She's running... away.

She grips her demons every night,
Shares a bed with enemies.
She's killing more of herself every time,
Dying in her own arms.

And she's falling,
And she's drowning.
She's suffocating... inside.

She's running...

She can't let go of yesterday,
She wants to live it over and over again.
She doesn't want the love that you give,
She wants your pity... you'll be sorry.

It's too late...
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She's Running Lyrics

Rod Kim – She's Running Lyrics