Something Fierce is gathering
Something wicked this way comes
All my fears are coming to a end
All my dreams are broken
To some degree I understand
That the goodtimes had to roll
But you see whats happening to me
I grab the straws and pay the tolls

Cause all we were is nothing
It's hard not to agree
Whats mine is yours
And what you got, you keep
I guess I didn't see

To hold your own. In possible
They can do more than you can
To sell your soul its incredible
You find a buyer, i'll be damned


Keep your head up triumpant
Get caught gazing at your shoes
Cause even if you wait its gonna be a be a little bit
Before you make up all your losses and you cash in your chips
All to say you lose


(Dr. Jones solo)
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Something Fierce Lyrics

Rocktopus – Something Fierce Lyrics