Ever since I was a little girl even younger than I am now

I always felt good about you in a special way

I don´t know how

And we always seem to find our way back to the love

that we are sharing

And every time we say it´s over

I can't forget you sweet loving

After every time we brake up things always turn out the same

I tell myself that I have shaped up

but I am still a part of this game

You always seem to come back into my life

When I thought I´ve forgotten you, you always show up

It´s drivin´ me crazy, it´s got me going wild

And I don´t know if this is ever gonna stop

You always seem to come back into my world

And this time I hope we´re stayin´ on track

´Cause I don´t want to be anybodyelses girl

I hope this is the last time you´ll ever come back

I want you back ´cause you´re a good man,

The kinda´ man who loves you all through the night

And though it never turns out like I planned

Somehow it feels so right

So this time, boy don´t run away

´Cause you´ll always have a place in my heart

And I swear I´m gonna love you ´til the day,

´Til the day that death do us part


I don´t have the strength to be proud anymore

I want it all to be just like before

I guess what I´m really tryin´ to say

Is that I want you to come back, Come back to stay,

I love you

(´cause I really love you) want to (I just want to) get closer

(get much closer) than ever (more than ever)

´Cause I love you


Yes I do, yes I do I do love you baby and I´m telling you now

When I´m down you bring me up and when I´m up you bring me down

So what am I suppose to do when all I want is

to get back with you baby

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The Last Time Lyrics

Robyn – The Last Time Lyrics

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