You can see it in the paper you can here it in the hall
Just when you didn't want it it's coming through the wall
Sneakin' in the bathroom battering your nose
Creeping in the johnny when you thought it didn't know

'cause you're too loud, too loud, too loud
Yes you're too loud, too loud, too loud

Smile across the front page, across the spread
Vanity the day you're elliptic in your bed,
Oh-oh-oh co-fight, pro-fight, johnny's in a spin
The name they never tell you on the show that never ends

'cause you're too loud, too loud, too loud
Yes you're too loud, too loud, too loud

Talk to me victor this time!
That's right now hold tightly hold tightly, that's right now
That's right now ha ha ha ha

Staring at the ceiling, tryin' countin' sheep
Alone with indiscretion it's impossible to sleep,
Oh rings on your fingers bells on your toes
You're never there without it if you're ever there at all

'cause you too loud, too loud, too loud you know what?
Yes you're too loud, too loud, too loud

That's right now
Okay, okay, much consideration to the athenian religion
Has been given to this whole project,
Which can be interchanged by the entire record buying public.
It is not quite inconceivable that it has absolutely nothing,
Absolutely nothing to do with this, sorry,
Absolutely nothing to do without absolutely nothing at all to do with this.

Talk to me victor, talk to me victor.
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Too Loud Lyrics

Robert Plant – Too Loud Lyrics

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