21 times I slowly cried
21 times I slowly died
21 times I wondered how
Want my baby, is gone somehow, ooh
Down the road go, down so far
Down the road I go, I go so far alone
21 times I sit and cry
21 times I slowly die
21 dreams I saw subside, but I
Down that road and I don't go cryin', no
Here I stand now, my head in my hand
Poor little woman, she's got another man
She's my baby, she goin'
She gone some place now but I don't know where
21 days I sat and cried
21 times I slowly died
21 dreams I wanna do
21 times I look 'round for you
Play it right
Look down the road and I, as far as I could see
Man got my woman but the blues got me
Well, this ain't no livin', no game alone
And everythin' I done now, said it was wrong
But it's 21 times that I, I sit and cried
It's 21 dreams [Incomprehensible]
It's 21 years that the little girl's left
21 times that [Incomprehensible]
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21 Years Lyrics

Robert Plant – 21 Years Lyrics