I'm the Scarecrow man, I'm swingin'
Swingin'-I'm the Scarecrow man,
Swingin' from the hangin'

Tree, the clock clock-clock
On the wall is
Ticking away
My time, the sentence is
Past, now I'm paying for

Crimes, I reach out-out for the
Hands of time, but they're
Out of
Reach, I said I reach out,
Out for the setting sun but
It's out-gone out
Of my reach

The dust in the wind is blowing its
Way back to Horror
Hill, little girls
Voodoo dolly sitting, on the windows sill,
The broken

Glass sparkles in the light-sign
On the door tells me No One Home

Said I'm the Scarecrow man wasting
Away and I'm swingin'
On the hangin'
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King Of Souls Lyrics

Rob Zombie – King Of Souls Lyrics