So let's right a mother-fucking book.
We'll nail it to the walls.
A story of how you died.
All in the name of FLESH!

The broken and the lost
Will always return. (You will not return)
They should always last (But you cannot last)
Looking at your empty face (Gives me nothing! )
It gives me nothing.

I'll take you away!
Forget everything!
You belong to me!


I'll just keep in mind as you're on the floor,
Your blood isn't enough to leave on my door. 2x

Ignorance leaves the worst kind of stench.
You might as well gauge your eyes out
You're blind. You are blind.

And now you ignore apparent truth,
How could you have done this?
These lessons not learned can't fade away,
Will you make me do this?
Will you make me do what I wanted to?
Will you get through this?
You're makin' me do what I have to,
We're making it through this

Don't ever tell me I'm just like you.
You're disgusting.
I'll make sure you can't see this too.
(Get back inside again)

I'm not like you
(You're disgusting) 2x
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Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Lyrics

Rise Till Fall – Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Lyrics