Oooooh Naaaa
Oooooh Naaaa
It was all about you,
But now I have to think of me

All my life, I lived for them, not for me
Neva once thinking of me
Always then thinking of you
But now, I know that when
I think of me you think of you
Oh baby please think of me
Now that I am set free

I know that you and me were not meant to be
I tried to make it work but you could not see

Oh you, Oh baby you,
Is it all about you and what about me
I needed you, you needed me
So then why was I set free
Oh you, only you
Don't worry about, it's all bout you
Oh I was true but now I'm blue
Cuz I was good
Cuz I was good to you

I know I must go on
I'll forgive and I'll be strong
Cuz what you give is what you get
And I give my best
I give my best
And now that I have grown
I feel sure and more secure
Cuz I have learned that it's my turn
To feel the need
To feel the need
If you had wanted me like I wanted you
You could now do for me what I did for you.
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You Lyrics

Rio Sisters – You Lyrics

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