What comes next
Will you be leavin' now
Will I start grievin' now
What comes next

Love is so new to me so you better tell me
I can't seem to figure out what's goin' on
I thought you needed me from the way you held me
But now I know my thinkin' was all wrong

What comes next
Aw, do you break my heart
When do the teardrops start
Why do we have to part

First came the plans we made and we really had some
But then you said they needed to be changed
That it was not your fault but you found someone
And that love is something no one can explain

What comes next
Aw you just broke my heart
And now my teardrops start
Looks like we're gonna part

What comes next
I see you're leavin' now
It's true I'm grievin' now
What comes next
What comes next
What comes next
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What Comes Next Lyrics

Rick Nelson – What Comes Next Lyrics