[Chorus: x2]
See I will carry you, through the hurricane water
And ill remember you, in the blue skies

Something happens when your caught searching for an answer
When your stuck in the middle of a place that you don't belong, yeah
When you start to lose sight of whats right and wrong, yeah
When we started it was innocent, cause when we started it was innocent

[Chorus: x2]

Until we meet again, until it was like it was, until then
Until the answers start raining down
Until the sky is opened up, until the trumpets start
Until then, until the city and the country ain't divided, until then
Until the spirit and the mind ain't fighting,
Until the seeds of tomorrow and today are finally planted

[Chorus: x4]
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Hurricane Waters Lyrics

Richie Havens – Hurricane Waters Lyrics

Songwriters: Greenwood, Clarence
Hurricane Waters lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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