He has religion with no compassion
To make decisions, of every passion
Hes got his yacht, hes got his mansion,
He got his servants, hes got expansion

They keep on talking, there oh so proud
They keep us walking, they scream so loud
They own the venue, they own he crowd

Hey, yeah, slavery

He got his fat dreams, he got his slaves
He got his profits, he owns our cage,
He has his prisons, he has his gates
He has his judges, they have our fate

They divide the nations, they freeze the heart
Self manipulation right from the start
They give permission, others do their parts

Oh, yeah, slavery

Hes got his card, hes got his books
He knows is urgent, to poor a hut
He got his weakness, we've got his number
And we will be there next time he plunders

I'm going to tell you one by one
Everybody here is on the run
I'm going to tell you, you've got to know

Hey, yeah, its all slavery, slavery
Its all slavery
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Fates Lyrics

Richie Havens – Fates Lyrics

Songwriters: RICHIE HAVENS

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