I was walking down the street today
When I stepped off a curb into ten years ago
I was ten years past, and I saw myself at the age of twenty-one
Looking right back at the man I've now become.

I scared myself—I was horrified,
But elated too, like I'd
Escaped from ten year's jail
I'd never known was full of hell.

Instantly I realized
This had happened to me once before
When I was the younger guy,
And now I'd have to live it though once more.

Yes, I seduced myself.
I took me home.
I whispered only I could make
The younger guy feel less alone.

I was playing with myself.
We were playing house,
Pretending we could hide inside
The past and future to avoid our present self.

I loved myself so much that day.
I thought that I could trick my fate.
I took the fall for ten year's time,
Thinking that it would be a pleasant wait.

Yes, down on Destiny Street today
I found out twice
That playing for the past or future
Is playing with a fool's paradise.
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Destiny Street Lyrics

Richard Hell And The Voidoids – Destiny Street Lyrics

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