You´re a man with thousand faces,
Every day another mask.
You creep within dark places,
Implementing a dreadful task.
You act like a man of mission,
But to whom do you believe?
Don´t you talk to me about Jesus,
Cause every word is blasphemy.

Absorbed in your own mind,
This is how you wish to be.
Thinking you´re a one of a kind,
An apostle of all misery.
You speak in mystic language,
Utterly with no meaning.
Those who follow you,
I guess they must be dreaming.

Let them crawl at your feet.
You´re a king, at your Throne of Greed.

Just turn your back
To the One Who Wept.
Don´t even think
The promises unkept

I hope you´ll burn in Hell,
Because you´re an evil man.
Your heart belongs to the Devil.
When will you understand?
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Burn In Hell! Lyrics

Reverend Bizarre – Burn In Hell! Lyrics

Songwriters: SAMMY HAGAR
Burn In Hell! lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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