I Am
Reisa L. Gerber

You'll be standing there alone,
You'll be singing out our bluish grayish dreams,
While I'm hangin' out on the other side,
Wondering if you're coming back for me.

Because you are everything to me,
You're my present, you're my future,
You're my past
Every several weeks, in the A. M.
I am, I am

And there's no way to stop it,
No there's no way to stop it
If this gasseous ball of urning, churning
Funkish clay,
Revolves around the center of the Universe
They'll be showing reruns on
Alpha Centaurus,
Four hundred years from now!


So she said, 'Hey, babe, wouldja like to get
Hitched? "
He said, "I'll tell you what!
Let's get the groom to take the
Horse out of the stable...
And we'll just hitch him up
To the post... Okay?
"And by the way, darlin',
Tie a double knot in your P. F. Fliers,
Or else you're gonna trip!
And that old faded bluejean jacket
Your exboyfriend used to wear,
Well, you need a small petite for yourself!
And you better pay that kid back-
For the food you took from the fridge!
I know when you're blue, you overeat,
But this is ridiculous, baby!

Dedicated to Paul Simon: "tumba, tumba
Mardi Gras! "
Reisa L. Gerber
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I Am Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – I Am Lyrics