Christmas Eve

Every year was a special holiday time,
Egg Nog a little too soon, but good,
Waiting a week to make a resolution,
"I can wait awhile to take a peek!"
The presents were under the Christmas
And I didn't open them early or nothin'
Even the cards inside the red envelope,
Signifyin' a check or somethin'-
One year my mother,
She made me aa promise,
Written on a beautiful note,
She wrote, "If you have any charge card debts,
I'll pay them for you,
And rock the boat! "
So the years will pass,
And Christmas comes,
Another New Years will come and go-
And every year will signify,
One song written and one flower will grow.
The flower is the song I wrote in 1994,
Just like all those Christmas songs
On the radio,
The shining water and the dreams of hope,
And a hug for mom when she comes home.

Reisa L. Gerber
Christmas Eve, 2004
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Christmas Eve Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – Christmas Eve Lyrics