Terrified, so alone and me
Completely blood stained and tied up
My desire was to inflict pain on her
Pain that would remain in her mind till the end

A whore doesn't understand the message of my work
She says "fuck me" but I cut her with a knife

Feeling the smell of a burning rot
She begged "take but don't hurt me"
The art is more important than this little pleasure
Cutting her face I deprived her of beauty

She suffered, cried, saturated with fear
She groaned when my knife was cutting her vagina
Blood gushed even more from her eyes
And I damaged her left breast
Putting away my knife I tortured her with my hands
She temporarily faint but still alive
And her bloodless corpse said
"take this knife and cut my throat"
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Take This Knife And Cut My Neck Lyrics

Reinfection – Take This Knife And Cut My Neck Lyrics