You made in the dark?
The romance
The kisses
So right at the start
Then all at once
It changed so quickly
You're creepin around
THinkin' I can't see
You can't hide cuz I'm not blind
So won't ya just level with me...

What happened to us?
What happened to love?
And what about all that we were dreaming of?
What happened to trust?
ANd how about honesty?
Can you tell me
What happened to us?

It's too late
It's over
Can't take it no more
My warm heart
Is cold now
It's not like before
Then all at once
It changed so quickly
You let me down, tried to deceive me
I'm fed up, Ive had enough
So won't ya pack up and leave...

What happened?
You swore we were meant to be together
A bond so strong
That nothing could break
What happened?
I thought we were gonna last forever
But words have turned to nothing
So you can explain...

Repeat Chorus
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What Happened To Us? Lyrics

Reina – What Happened To Us? Lyrics