Rollin' I go rollin' along I'm listenin' to that diesel hum a song
Well I'm just as happy as I can be cause my pretty baby she's a waitin' for me
So come on truck yeah take me on home
I'm longin' just to hold her again and I miss her and want to kiss her again
We've been on the road for a long long time
But we'll get some rest at the end of the line
So come on truck take me on home
[ guitar + steel ]
Stoppin' just stop outside of town at the truckstop where all the truckers hang around
Oh we got some cleanin' up to do I need the shavin' you need a washjob too
So come on truck yeah take me on home
(Come on truck let's go now gettin' close to home
There's the lights of the city and that's pretty)
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Take Me Home Lyrics

Red Simpson – Take Me Home Lyrics