Gaze into my mind
Tell me everything you see
Raised into a life of suffering and blasphemy
Step through the crypt and sign away your fucking life
Gaze into my mind and you all going to die

I cannot remember anything
I'm locked away suffering with blasphemy
Cause I've gone insane
I have aborted several fetus
It's to get my satisfaction
I don't need no fucking reason
Never sorry for my actions
I am passive but for some reason
I never wanted peace
I'm eating meat inside the pussy lips
Of deader and deceased or as I feast upon the corpses of the cemetery sinlist
Arsonist of vag I get like aint nobody's business
Gaze into my mind on this dark side of suicide
Genocidal tendencies of killing mankind
No remorse for the weak through the musick
You will see that I am the devil
Put yourself inside my mentality
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Gaze Into My Mind Lyrics

Rebellious With A Cause – Gaze Into My Mind Lyrics