Both hands back on the wheel
It’s been a while
Since I could really feel
A sense of control and I
Took the wrong way
A long way from where I am now
I’m not there yet
But I’m learning about how

Life goes by
At blurry blinding lightning speed I’ve
Spent so much time
Worryin’ ‘bout what’s all around me
I’ll steer my life between these two lanes
Off the brakes just drive straight
Following these
Headlights on the highway

No I will not look back
On these miles behind me
I will not be held down
By the chains that bind me
Keep rollin’ goin’
With the choices I’ve made
Won’t let fear slow me down
Or get in my way... Cause
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Headlights On The Highway Lyrics

Rebecca Lindsey – Headlights On The Highway Lyrics