I can't get used to the hustle
I try to keep my actions straight
I get caught in the bustle
I do things I really hate

Just when I think I'm sinking
I hear a voice inside my head
Says don't do what you're thinking
Send your thoughts to me instead

Somebody up there likes me
Somebody up there knows what I need
When my worldly head spins around
He sends his love down

You know I'm only human
That's all I always say
It's just excuses
So I can do things my own way
But when I fall and stumble
I know I will be saved
No my world won't crumble
I'll make it through the hardest days


I wish I'd known all along
But it's much better late
Than to never know you're wrong

[Chorus: x2]

He sends his love down
Somebody up there likes me
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Somebody Up There Likes Me Lyrics