Every other Friday
It's toys and clothes in backpacks
Is everybody in okay?
Let's go see dad
Same time in the same spot
Corner of the same old parking lot
Half the hugs and kisses there are always sad
We trade a couple words and looks
And kids again
Every other weekend

Every other weekend
Very few exceptions
I pick up the love we made in both my arms
It's movies on the sofa
Grilled cheese and cut the crust off
But that's not the way mom makes it, Daddy breaks my heart
I miss everything we used to have with her again
Every other weekend

I can't tell her I love her
I can't tell him I love him
Cause there's too many questions and ears in the car
So, I don't tell him I miss him
I don't tell her I need her
She's over me that's where we are
He's over me that's where we are
We're as close as we might ever be again
Every other weekend

Every other Saturday
First thing in the morning
I turn the TV on to make the quiet go away
I know why but I don't know why
We ever let this happen
Fallin' for forever was a big mistake
There's so much not to do and all day not do it in
Every other weekend

Every other Sunday
I empty out my backseat
While my children hug their mother in the parking lot
We don't touch, we don't talk much
Maybe goodbye to each other
As she drives away with every piece of heart I've got
I re-convince myself we did the right thing
Every other weekend


Yeah, for fifteen minutes, we're a family again
God I wish that he was still with me again
Every other weekend
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Every Other Weekend Lyrics

Reba Mcentire – Every Other Weekend Lyrics

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