Hey, where's spot?
Mom, where's spot?
He ran away
Run, spot, run
At 6 the milkman comes around
Another day in anytown
I wake up with a frown
Another day in anytown
Run, spot, run
I called up Sally, Dick, and Mark
We took my dog spot to the park
We watched him run and heard him bark
Then spot ran way into the dark
Run, spot, run
I had to go and tell my dad
I said, "Anytown just makes me sad."
He said, "Son, that's pretty bad."
He said, "I must be going mad."
Take him away!
I don't wanna live in anytown
Anytown just makes me frown
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Anytown Lyrics

Reagan Youth – Anytown Lyrics

Songwriters: WATT, BEN
Anytown lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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