Yea, DJ Clue

Lemme breathe
Ice he sees
Diamond rings
Whatever you want
I got it all
But I gotta let you know
Always watch
Out for those
Triflin friends
Tryna play the role
Next to me
It'll never be
So I wanna let you know

Never see me out with no amateurs
We only need to see yours and managers
The ice bright from southern Cali Canada
But you hater out here
I gots to damage ya
Ya pissed 'cause I'm on a speed boat
In maowi hanging
I be six four
Hoppin' out in Cali swangin'
But its hard to find me though
I stay deep
With a team that's
Grimey though
You ain't know
Ayo everything we droppin'
Be like fire
Something you can feel
Keep keep on
Keep keep on
Keep keep on
Ayo everything we droppin'
Be like fire
And its oh so real
Keep keep on
Keep keep on
Keep keep on


Yo my neck chuncky
Six-pac freezin'
Way below zero
Its winter season
Ray J 19 ballin outta the region
Now my motto
Get the meals fuck them g's n
I felt like I jus had to tell you this
Man I got more sounds in my trunck than elephants
Yea this rap thang
It ain't half my elements
You wanna be down well baby you betta ghetto shit

[Chorus x2]

All my niggas
That's makin figures
This ain't for no haters
We got too much riches
This is for my ladies
An all why'all chickens
Jus keep on makin paper
Lets get these millions
This is for my niggas
That's making figures
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I Got It All Lyrics

Ray J – I Got It All Lyrics

Songwriters: Ifill, Ken / Shaw, Ernesto / Mobley, Antonio / Norwood, Raymond
I Got It All lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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