He Is Great
Words by Ray Boltz, Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
I gave my heart to Jesus
When I was just a child
And though it seems like yesterday
It's been quite a while
I called upon the Savior
I bowed my head and prayed
That's the best decision
That I ever made
Every Sunday morning
In a church outside of town
Family, friends, and neighbors
All would gather round
When you neared the corner
You could hear the church bell ring
And when you reached the front door
You could hear the people sing
He is great and greatly to be praised
In a world that's changing
He remains the same
He is faithful
He still saves
Give your heart to Jesus
And He'll wash your sins away
I went home last summer
And I tried to find my past
But all I found were withered boards
And panes of broken glass
I thought about that chapel
As I neared the edge of town
I couldn't help but wonder
If it was still around
And do they sing
I turned the corner
And I looked on down the road
Deep inside I thought it would be gone
But there were people everywhere
The parking lot was full
You know the little church
Was still going strong
They had a revival going on
1991 Shepherd Boy Musicascap (exclusively administered by Integrated Copyright Group, P. O. Box 24149, Nashville, tn 37202) and Sonworshippersascap. All rights reserved.
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He Is Great Lyrics

Ray Boltz – He Is Great Lyrics