The whirlwinds of hate
A pestilence in ancient forms
Dominate through mist
And codes of the elder gods
Codex of the nightsky
Afar from the dying sun
A vision seen by dead eyes
Last icons of a prophet
The one baptized in blood
Codex of the nightsky
Demons call our names
Abyss devours our souls
Flames burn our skin
Beings without a face
This is your last blaze
Yet so alone
Inspired by the northern cold
The howling of winds
And memories of a dying tribe
Codex of the nightsky
Summon the beast
The presence of the inner demon
The one who offers me
The pleasures of the underworld
Codex of the nightsky
Pearly gates are falling
Untrodden paths are burning
Not christened souls approaching
Incest now is reigning
Your lifeless hearts still beating
In decayed ruins
Codex of the nightsky
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The Nightsky Codex Lyrics

Ravencult – The Nightsky Codex Lyrics