Woop, Woop, Woop
Woop, Woop, Woop, Twork Sumthin
[Hook: repeat 2X]
What cha workin wit shawty
What cha workin wit
What cha workin wit shawty
What cha workin wit, twork sumthin'
[Verse 1: Rasheeda]
I'm workin wit cha, gon' get cha I came to crank dis here up
Stick up, hold up, ya'll niggaz got me fucked up
Say what, huh, pull up, shut up
The next one of ya'll who run up, be the next one who get done up
'cause uh, I just want to show some luv
See 'cause uh, I just came to crank it up
So what cha workin wit, tworkin wit, got it shawty spent it then
Hey Ladies (What) make 'em hit in where they fit in
Then make it up and pay it up then toss 'em to da curb
Makin' wit dat chump change boy you gettin on my nerves
Don't get it twisted, dis independent, makin' major moves
Fallin' off in dis bitch sendin' niggaz back to school
[Verse 2: Rasheeda]
I'm workin wit deep dishes and 32 diamonds and a charm peep da wrist
Rasheeda da chick who rocks from D-Lo, pops and reload
And I get dis thang (thang) crunk shawty you ain't know
Ladies throw ya hands up, fellaz ya'll stand up
Let me see ya turn da club out when da jam bump
Shawty what cha workin wit, 2 wrist and platinum necks around my ice
They get and legit would spit, fittin to let you know its about my life
Flow for my playaz, roll it up twit it blow dro wit my playaz
Rich shows and ??? can flow wit my playaz and do the damn thang
Like I told you playa
It's ova playa
[Hook] - 2X
[Verse 3: Rasheeda]
What! What! Since I was raised in the A and raised at five (five)
Got chu throwin bows in da club until you tired (tired)
Boy ain't mistakin, its dat QB Rasheeda and got you thinkin dis dime
Couldn't keep it crankin from Atlanta to Jamacia (what cha talkin bout)
Keep it shakin dats how I do it
Don't flex, I know you knew it
And foreva gettin to it
I lay down, put it down, dats how it goes
Workin wit dem true playaz who stay in they cash flow
You can't stop da rock, she's da shit
Da ruffest chick who make you twitch every time I spit it
You scared of dis, and D-Lo steady makin hits
Trill misses put 'em up and tell me WHAT CHA WORKIN WIT
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What Cha Workin' Wit Lyrics

Rasheeda – What Cha Workin' Wit Lyrics