All I needed, and there's a day
Yeah, ah, yeah, aha, yeah, what, only you baby, only you

I reminisce, and think of how it used to be, a park, roses,
We were kissing, you were holding me, walking down the streets of our hometown,
Getting down, wasting money, just fooling around, we felt free,
Like birds in the sky, I want you all to get everything,
If I should die high on hopes on our own dreams
And scenes gotta ticket for a ride to reach the bright side baby,
There's a better life, no tears, no fears, no hate, no strife, no pain
Yo, I'm the golden first,
You'll write me a letter that will ease my thirst
And then, sweetheart after you follow me to the city of love,
Where we'll both gonna be with a shine goodbye
We made our own choice as I sat on the train and I heard your sweet voice

All I needed was the love you gave,
All I needed for another day, and all I ever knew, only you
All I needed was the love you gave,
All I needed for another day,
And all I ever knew, only you
(You and me)

I found a good job and a place to stay,
But luck's been missing since you left my way,
But I hold you on the phone, you spoke so sweet,
Of love, devotion, faith and now you miss me
But in the instance I begin to feel that my mind's
Been played like a game on the wheel
Stealing my heart, I see a man by your side, giving you the love I tried,
But I couldn't provide
Please, dreams we shared are just souvenirs,
Yours, for glad laugh, said tears,
Last night we talked,
And you didn't say much, I told you that I love you,
You said "We'll keep in touch"
I sit back and remember how it used to be back than,
You and me together again those dreams and wishes are where they belong, son,
In my heart and in the rest of this song


Padadada, padadada, padadada, padadada
Padadada, padadada, padadada, padadada

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Only You Lyrics

Rappers Against Racism – Only You Lyrics

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