We are beautiful in this mirror
We are beautiful in this mirror

Verse 1
The most incredible vision, the most miraculous sign
That far greatest position, reflection in my eye
Wish I could seize this moment, then I would pause time
Girl I would frame this picture, and keep it by my side yeah

Cause we look so good, we going so hard, we not gonna stop
Just look at you, this side view, do you know who we are


OhoooOhooo (x2)

Verse 2
It's like watching a movie, except that it's for real
It's only right to call this a, love making fairytale
Cause I have never seen, or witnessed quite a show
Your love's so 3D, it's like I'm in the front row



Post Chorus

Baby this is good for us, in this mirror making love
This ain't dirty this ain't lust, you're sent from heaven up above
Us both under this cover, I'm so glad I discovered
The sweet love make treasure, canvas needs a painter

Chorus(repeat till fade out)
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Beautiful In This Mirror Lyrics

R. Kelly – Beautiful In This Mirror Lyrics

Songwriters: KELLY, ROBERT S.
Beautiful In This Mirror lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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