I was way off track from start
I judged everything by my damned heart
I walked unprotected 'gainst the blows
How was I suppose to really know
When you think you know what's the right thing to do
And you find you just don't have a clue
And when things turn out to be not what they seemed
You are caught walking barefoot on glass
With your head firmly stuck up your ass
I was coming down in pieces you bet I was coming down
What goes up believe me surely must hit hard the ground
I was coming down in pieces yet I was sound enough to say
I'm the only one to blame, yeah, so get out of my damn fuckin' way
I scratched my walls 'till my fingers bled
I tried to get it all out of my fuckin' head
I was really deep down for quite some time
It took quite a while to leave it all behind
When it hits ya' and you don't think that you'll make it through
And the times when a hell will stick to ya' like glue
And it seems very effort is destined to fail
You'll be surprised how you shit you can take
Before you give it in and you start to break
I was coming down in pieces...
When you think you know...
Now I know should I go there again
To hit the bottom don't need to mean the end
I was coming down in pieces...
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Coming Down In Pieces Lyrics

Quorthon – Coming Down In Pieces Lyrics

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