Rucka Rucka AliMy Name's Obama

The Apprentehhh (*cough, cough) Donald Trump: Now Carolla, Why did ya team lose? Carolla: Now hold on a second and by the way... We interrupt this program for Obama to say something Obama: my fellow Americans, I'd like to announce that I'm running for uh, President of America. As a black man this time... I did some time in Jail, I did a crime with Michelle We stole from fried watermelon Yip Yippity Ki Yay I'm known to smack up a bitch I got Kool-Aid in the fridge I never met my kids Their real dad is Kanye Guns yeah I sold em Hoes tricks yeah I told em Blunts, Spliffs, yeah I rolled em Chronic nugs of homegrown K. B. Hey I just mey you (Ahhh Help!) No please don't tase me My Name's Obama I was born in Haiti I still get food stamps I'm just Lazy I'm still on welfare So fuck you pay me They Might Arrest you But you could blame me They'll pull me over Incarcerate me If I get unemployed Shit don't phase me My name's Obama I roll with Jay-Z Jay-Z, Jee, Jeezer? Are you young Jeezer? How'd you get in the White House? I smoke a lot of Newports I sit a lot on the porch I stole 2012 Porsche From my Neighbors Driveway I did alotta of drug deals I killed Osama for Treals I blamed it on Navy seals And fucked his bitch sideways Bro, yeah I'm holdin' Rocks Weed Meth Heroin White House garden showin' What you think I'm growin' Daisies? Hey I just met you (Ahhh Help!) No It's ok see My name's Obama I'm half Kuwaiti It's Hard to look White Robbing Macy's Give me the fubu Don't try to play me Hey I just met you (Ahhh Help!) No please don't mace me My name's Obama I dance like Swayze If you live in Detroit Yawta Thank me My name's Obama I'm Pakistani Before I came in the White House I used to smoke crack I used to sold crack I used to roll so black I was born in Dubai I'd like to go back Where's all my hoes at? Take off your clothes And don't talk back Now the American people Have a clear choice Would you like to be smacked With a pimp cane? Or with the Back of my hand? It's hard to look white When I'm Smackin' Ladies So it's no wonder Ya'll crackers hate me Hey I just met you (Ahhh Help!) And this is crazy I stealed your Hummer And throwed your baby Sandusky touched a boy Or so they say see My name's Obama Chicken is tasty Before I came in the white House I used to smoke crack I use to sold crack I use to roll so black If all you haters don't like me Lick my ballsack Ya'll haters fall back So fuck you pay me I mean do we really need another black guy on unemplyment Right now? I'm sorry I get that from my mother She is a Typical white person © 2017