The Lonely IslandNo Homo

Hey man... Hey, Dood your looking pretty swoll have you been working out? Uhh yeah! Why you looking? Ohh no not like that man I mean no homo... Ohhh no homo coooooooool When you want to compliment a friend, nohomo But you don't want that friendship to end, no homo To tell a dood just how you feel nohomo Just say nohomo so he knows the deal no homo Yo man you got a fresh style. No homo And you know you got the best smile nohomo Your girlfriend is a lucky lady nohomo With your looks you'd make a handsome baby nohomo I like the way your soulders fill out that shirt nohomo It's hard to pullit off but you make it work nohomo Hey yo I kinda like your natural sent nohomo Hey I kinda like the musical rent nohomo Man I can't decide who wore it best nohomo- — I admitted I'm a fasionesta nohomo And I know everyline of mystic pizza nohomo © 2018