The Lonely IslandNo Homo

Hey man Hey, Dude you're looking pretty swoll' have you been working out? Uh Yeah! Why you looking? Oh no not like that man I mean no homo Oh no homo cool When you want to compliment a friend, no homo But you don't want that friendship to end, no homo To tell a dude just how you feel, no homo Just say no homo so he knows the deal no homo Yo man you got a fresh style, no homo And you know you got the best smile, no homo Your girlfriend is a lucky lady, no homo With your looks you'd make a handsome baby, no homo I like the way your shoulders fill out that shirt, no homo It's hard to pull it off but you make it work, no homo Hey yo I kinda like your natural scent, no homo Hey I kinda like the musical Rent, no homo Man I can't decide who wore it best, no homo But I'm feelin Diane Keaton's vest, no homo I admitted I'm a fashionista, no homo And I know every line of Mystic Pizza, no homo Damn this rose is something special (no homo) Yeah, we should goof around and wrestle (no homo) Let's hit the hot tub and take a dunk (no homo) We're all friends ain't no need for trunks (no homo) Man I'm really feeling buzzed right now (no homo) Are you really feeling buzzed right now? (no homo) Yo we should watch this gay porno tape (no homo) But as a joke 'cause we're all straight (no homo) Man you could wash laundry on those abs (no homo) Yo I think girls look good in drag (no homo) Hey I've been thinking about posing nude (no homo) Yo I've been thinking about fucking a dude (no homo) We could three-way sixty nine (no homo) Or human centipede in a line (no homo) Or some docking could be hella fun ( no homo) Oh yeah man or I could do this one (no homo) Hey yo no homo but I wanna dress up like Dorothy And butt fuck a dude while he sixty nine's Morrissey(?) No homo but I wish I lived in Ancient Greece To gave young Socrates the illful release Hey yo no homo but today I'm coming out the closet Wanna scream it from the mountains like a gay prophet These two words have set me free (no homo) Damn it feels good to be (no homo) © 2017