AnimaniacsBe Careful What You Eat

Hey Let's get some ice cream. How 'bout this one? Pistachio Almond Fruit Fudge Buttterscotch Delight Ingredients Zinc Trisodium Aspartate, Sorbatale, and Bisulfate Oxide, Beta Caratine Lactic Acid, Carab Bean Grade A milk emulsified Malto-dextrin alkalide Silicon deoxylite Lots of sugar, Hey, all right! Calcified synthetic salt Artificial barley malt Glycerine and aspartate Folic acid, That tastes great! Monosodium glutamate Dehydrated calceinate Soybean oil, butter fat Caramel center, I'll eat that! Hooray for sugar, 'cause we love it Chocolate chips; we want more of it Cakes and ice cream; watch us shove it Down our throats real fast. Here's a candy bar, you tried it? Hey, let's all see what's inside it. Gelatinized triglycerin Phosphate, soybean, lecithin Deoxylite tri-silicon Dipped in chocolate, Bring it on! Citrus enzymes, BHT Powdered milk, Sounds good to me! Baking soda, carob gum Carbohydrates, Yummy yum! Monosodium glutamate Zinc disodium algenate, Whole grain flour, yeast and fat Time to eat it; I'll do that We like sweets a lot But they make your insides rot So remember it's your body And the only one you've got. © 2017