AnimaniacsBe Careful What You Eat

Wakko: (Spoken) Hey Let's get some ice cream. Dot: How 'bout this one? Pistachio Almond Fruit Fudge Buttterscotch Delight Yakko: Ingredients Zinc Trisodium Aspartate, Sorbatale, and Bisulfate Oxide, Beta Caratine Lactic Acid, Carab Bean (music begins) Yakko: Grade A milk emulsified Malto-dextrin alkalide Silicon deoxylite Lots of sugar, W D: Hey, all right! Yakko: Calcified synthetic salt Artificial barley malt Glycerine and aspartate Folic acid, Wakko: That tastes great! Yw D: Monosodium glutamate Dehydrated calceinate Soybean oil, butter fat Caramel center, Wakko: I'll eat that! Yw D: Hooray for sugar, 'cause we love it Chocolate chips; we want more of it Cakes and ice cream; watch us shove it Down our throats real fast. Yakko: Here's a candy bar, you tried it? Wakko: Hey, let's all see what's inside it. Yakko: Gelatinized triglycerin Phosphate, soybean, lecithin Deoxylite tri-silicon Dipped in chocolate, W D: Bring it on! Yakko: Citrus enzymes, bht Powdered milk, Dot: Sounds good to me! Yakko: Baking soda, carob gum Carbohydrates, W D: Yummy yum! Yw D: Monosodium glutamate Zinc disodium algenate, Whole grain flour, yeast and fat Wakko: Time to eat it; I'll do that Yw D: We like sweets a lot But they make your insides rot So remember it's your body And the only one you've got. © 2018