XandriaA New Age

Ll Bells ringing, it's my wake-up shout I know the way out It's five past twelve, we'd better run A new age has begun Hush, little darling, don't you cry I am your favour I am your answer, I'm your light I'm your saviour Oh, I know where we're going, I hold the key to our fate Let's face a new morning before it's too late See! A new age has begun I will get you To a time of brightest light Empty is my name and I am right You think your life will bring you down Just clean up your mind I am enlightened, I have come Just to lead the blind Oh, no tar and no feathers whith answers so close at hand I'll drive you to madness, but that's what you want! See! A new age has begun... I am the insect inside your mind The buzzing noise that you can't find Over your shoulder, inside your head I turn the switch from good to bad Material saviour with bank account Glad for the bliss that you have found A VISA-master, cards up my sleeve, Appreciate what you leave See! A new age has begun.
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