Big LGames Females Play

[Telephone:] Ey yo, what's up this is Big L, know what I'm sayin' Calling to see how that joint, know what I'm sayin', came out Hey yo fellas... Keep our eye open... Watch out Cause females be playing a whole lot of games like these [Chorus: x2] Aiyyo fellas, you gotta be careful today Watch out for games that these females play Cause some break the rules and some don't play fair You might get caught out there if you're not aware [Verse 1:] I know this lady by the name of Katie If you broke, she's shady You got cash? She's ready to have your baby The type of female the fellas stress Stay fresh to death, well dressed In Chanel, Guess, nothing less Body got more curves than an S I smoke her boots like Sess And I confess the s** was the best (yes) Within a week she had keys to my res And then later my man Squeezer gave her gees to invest Then one day I overheard her talking to friends Saying how she didn't like me, all she want is the ends Yo honey was sheisty Had me thinking she was wifey, tricking ridiculous Given her dues that was icey I said it's over And what I gave you, you can have that It wasn't even her - it was myself I was mad at Letting that dame use me for my name and my fame That's lame, but it's a shame how I fell for the game [Chorus x2] [Verse 2:] A year ago I did a show for some dough Puffed a bag of hydro then broke out on the low And on my way out, it was a female on my trail Who followed me from the stage to the Benz sl I asked honey her name, she replied, "Monique" Soft and sweet, from her head to feet, hotter than heat Jump in the passenger seat, let's go get somethin to eat She said I was that Roc-a-Fella she'd been dyin to meet I tried to hit it first night, she said she wasn't a freak Yeah right - it's all good, so I waited a week Then one night to my crib she decided to creep Knocked on a nigga door and woke me outta my sleep I let her in before you know it we was doin our thang I drove her home, and said tomorrow give me a ring It was about a month later when she gave me a call With some bogus ass story that was off the wall Claimin she's pregnant with my child, I think that's quite foul How is that? I wore a Lifestyle [Chorus x2] So watch out fellas... Watch out You better watch out fellas Yeah, you better watch out Watch out fellas... You better watch out F'real © 2018