I'm comin through y'all, with the glock buckin
Ya whole block duckin
Every b***h that I'm fuckin with now is c*** suckin
It's like I'm allergic to not fuckin
Ya ni***z is faggots like Rock Hudson and Boy George
I destroy broads with one verse
N***a we could knuckle up or we could let the guns burst
L is the type, to murder your son first, to get my point across
Since y'all wanna chit or chat with the powers
Y'all might as well join The Force
Where I'm from believe me, snitches get killed
Ni***z be hustlin daily tryna f**k more b*****s than Wilt
Takin pitchers in silk, gayed it up
Passport: dated up, hair braided up
I f****d ya b***h but I ain't rape the s*** she gave it up
I runnin with Wop, you runnin wit me, we runnin together
We get drunk and blunted together
But don't front, the guns is under the leather
Ready to ill, ready to kill, ready to peel
Steppin to Corle' you better be real
Cuz none of my ni***z be lettin me chill
My crew be deliverin hot lead
When gats are clenched rappers I clap and lynch
Nobody can f**k with the way I be killin up s**t in rap events
It's like, soon as I pick up a mic and start flowin the people yell
I'm rugged as hell
Brothers can tell, that none of y'all ni***z is fuckin with L
When I'm that n***a ya ex-pect, to catch wreck on any cassette deck
I'm so ahead of my time my parents haven't met yet
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My Niggaz - Doo Wop Lyrics