Krayzie BoneYa'll Don't Know Me

[Krayzie: x4] It's Krayzie Bone (Krayzie, Krayzie, Krayzie) [Chorus] Homie, why y'all don't know me (know me) Might of heard my name (my name) Ain't nobody feeling hold me ( hold me) Not in this game (not in this game) Homie, why y'all don't know me (know me) Might of heard my name (my name) But ain't nobody going to hold me(hold me) Especially in this game [Verse 1: Krayzie] Excuse me, but do you know me? You've seen me on TV and in the video Got caught up in Crossroads forgot that we was criminals That's right, we them same niggas to come up from nothing To what up with them figures? Nigga, my album got better things And people changed when I got in the game Niggas call me I don't even know how you know my name? How the fuck you get my number? What the fuck is going on? Then I got these haters leaving threats on my phone They messages be records that they made just for me I'm not on that don't give a fuck if you rap faster than me But when it come to being the realest niggas that ever did it You know Bone Thugs gonna be contending for that position Listen, if why y'all niggas want to trip with us, Bomb ya fall with you dick in the dust Get up, what up? Thought ya had me figured out you didn't Remember next time, that last time that nigga wasn't bullshitting [Chorus] [Verse 2: Krayzie] Homie, why y'all don't know me Why y'all might of heard my name once or twice Don't start none (drama), won't be none (drama) Cause however they want it, they can come get it believe I got it Can't be faded keep thinking Krayzie ain't really crazy Haters, that pressing me to make me show this lately Afraid that they mistaken that they thinking Kray ain't hip, hip, hip To those who pose as friends But are phony before they can infiltrate but can't imitate us for long They better not come talking no shit cause I'm serving 'em some And fuck what you heard, believe what you see please Dap is cheap, dramatical action speaks Did you hear it, hear it? I know ya feel it, feel it the twelve gauge eruption [Chorus] [Verse 3: Krayzie] We got a game full of clones that can't hold they own So they be fast to bite Nigga don't like Bone, then why the fuck you rapping like me bastard You know you like it, niggas funny Be bobbin they head to my music, but when they see me they mean mugging Keep looking ugly, niggas but jut don't jump Cause I'm a nervous nigga, and I'll buck, buck, buck Thug haters they get me violent Cops make me riot You bitches make me sick and tired, sin keeps me wide up And I needs to be high, just for fucking with why y'all And I dedicate this one to all them busters I knew would fall Had to get rid of the dead weight that was holding me down (holding me down) The Thugline officials and it's going down (down) So wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up dog No need, don't even try to fade us, why y'all Who the nigga in the halls, big balls? That's Sawed Off Slim Don't try to get with him cause player, player [Chorus: Repeats] © 2017