Voice: I'm Baaaackk (; uaghter)
Man: Psst Psst Buddy Boy, Hey

Chrous: 9mm Heaters pump pump a dome dome (x4)

Verse 1:
You need a weapon for protection
Hit yo n***a for sho
Whether you got beef
Or you wanna lick you some n****s to get you some dough
Whatever you need I got
9mm glocks fresh outta the package
But if you really wanna do some damage
Check out this Tech 9 automatic
Say you got beef wit n****s and there's about 20 of em
Don't even sweat it
Pop the clip in that b***h and I bet you there be no more n****s
You can forget it
I got ak-47s and Mac 11s
I bet ya A. 357 will leave em breathless on a stretcher
I got M16s, my n***a what you need
Believe I got just say what it is and i'll take you to peek
Come follow me
Take a loot at the Mossberg pump
Really f**k n****s up
You can take a leg off wit that m*******a or bust up the gut
Or ak-74 spit it and tear a big hole
Hit whatever you spittin at
Get a gat but hurry n***a I must go
I got some hot s**t
Some s**t you better not get caught wit them though
You ditch that b***h right in the river wit that n***a you smoked

Krayzie: what's up my n***a what you need?
Buyer: Hey gimmie a Mac and a couple 9' n***a
Krayzie: Ok
Buyer: Hey you got an ak back there?
Krayzie: Hell Yeah
Buyer: Cool
Krayzie: Hell yeah, n***a wait right here let me go to the back and i'll be back wit some s**t for you to kill all them muthafuckas god damn it

Chrous (x4)

Verse 2
Man I got rockets that's launching like heat seekers
Street sweepers
That's what you be needin if you tryin to make em go meet that Grim Reaper
But when they come heavily heated
We hit em up wit a bazooka spit em off
You wanna get rid of the ememy quickly before they shoot you n***a what
So check it out I got. 22s, . 25s, . 44s, . 45s, and Trey 8 Specials
With them I throw in some extra slugs or maybe a body bag
Or how bout a vest, cover your chest up
You gonna be sorry if somebody wet ya
I got silencers for quiet murders
Quick and violent murders
I throw in some duckt tape if you thinkin that you wanna rob em first
But lets get back to artillery
I got everything you will ever need
This Mac 10 could sack 10 n****s so quick you'd never believe
Make a gang retreat, stain them n****s, bang the heat
Riot Pump, try it once
And n***a you'll come back thanking me
For snipers I got scopes and infa red beams
Hit em where it bleeds, pierce em where they breathe
Better protect yourself
Be careful don't wet yourself
Get yourself a gun
So call me if you want some
I got em you can buy some
Don't get caught without
Believe me n***a I got one

Chorus (x8)
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Artillery Shop Lyrics

Krayzie Bone – Artillery Shop Lyrics