Jon & VangelisFar Away In Baagad

T'was the dawn creation of the underworld Caves were born with thunder rendered sheets Of flame cascading light the morning light The dawning of the underworld. All regions of Earth and space did take their place Features carved with colors raining all about Then brightness of the morning sun Oh, glory of the morning sun. Tell me of the way of things and how such beauty Can divide our hearts and hands while holding Out so closely now. King of kings will oversee the dawning of truth The overworld, pain is borne as love surrenders Higher ever higher ever true to you. Surely tell me secrets of the morning mist Rain will fall and wash us evermore beside the Lake of learning-learning t'wards the winds of Everflowing ease. Speak oh speak of everlasting sleep a point Inside where one will never ever hide away Never ever hide away Far away in Baagad. Far away in Baagad. ----------------------------------------------------- © 2018