Out of the mist into tropical splendor
With garlands of flowers
In Majestical fusion we see tonight
Onto this sacred reunion of pleasure
They row as a rhythm, ten-thousands of millions
They touch the light

King is sailing they say
King is sailing we hear
King is sailing they say
King is sailing this day of days, of days
Cocasaya Tay Toca

Drums beating faster through harder excitement
The wings bring the angels
They singing of truth that this day has come
Older than oldest religions have promised
A promise is kept on this golden reflection
His kingdom come

King is coming they sing
King is coming they know
King is coming we sing
King is coming we know, Kotao, Kotao, Kotao
All the souls he to touch
All the souls he to touch
All the souls he to touch
All the millions of souls he to touch, he to touch
Cocasaya Kotao Kotao

Heaven set sail in his ship full of light
He transcends all our love
To caress all our fears
In a moment divine
Weakest and strongest will dance in delight
All illuminous our saviour, they bringing him forth

All will sing to the night
Our true Kingdom come [Repeat x 3]

Higher, then higher, then higher, then higher, then higher
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He Is Sailing Lyrics

Jon & Vangelis – He Is Sailing Lyrics

Songwriters: Papathanassiou, Evangelos / Anderson, Jon
He Is Sailing lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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